Smart Locker

The Smart Locker is a locker system that allows employee the flexibility to pick up their belongings without a key (keyless). Employee can use their ID Card as a Key to open the locker, because our system can integrate with ID Card that support NFC or RFID technology.


Centralized Management System

Manage area locker cabinets, User, and report in centralized content management software

Keyless: Various Lock/Unlock Option

We developed smart locker that can be unlock/lock with ID Card, PIN, Password, QR Code, Face, and NFC Tag

Automatically lock/unlock locker

Set custom timer for automatically lock/unlock locker on emergency situation or specific scenario

Emergency Mode

Open Locker without software or system with mechanical cabinet locker system

Hardware Used

Bio Locker Controller                                                                                              

Input Reader

Software Used

Smart Locker Content Management System