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Interactive Voice

Apart from displaying images/videos, Interactive Voice can also display animations that can be moved through sound.

Smart Parking

By integrating parking lots with IoT such as Gate Systems, CCTV, Sensors that we have created will make parking more efficient, with a more guaranteed level of security.

Vms GuestBooks


Human Tracking

a radio-frequency (RF) technology for wireless communication that can be leveraged to detect and track the location of people, devices, and assets for many indoor positioning use cases

Queueing System

Manage queue of people

Human Resource Information System

Manage company and monitoring employee perfomance

Smart Office

IoT Implementation in the office

Smart Meeting Room

Manage office meeting with centralized system

Digital Signage

Manage digital signage display with centralized system

Smart Locker

Manage Locker Cabinet display with centralized system

Wayfinding and eDirectory

Manage digital signage display with centralized system