Waterproof ID Card Beacon

  • ID card Beacon
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0/5.0
  • Ultra-low power consumption chipset Nordic nRF52 series
  • Support iBeacon/ Eddystone at the same time
  • Logo and color customizable
  • Provide with your own configuration
  • 100% configuratble parameters via App (Both Android & ios)

Card Beacon is waterproof & ID card design Beacon with ultra low power chipset Nordic nRF52 series and BLE 5.0 technology.

Card Beacon also have variety of NFC/RFID standard support.
It is in credit card size and can be easily hanged in a lanyard. Beacon is IP67 waterproof. It has very strong signal, it is designed for personnel management, commercial advertising and indoor location-based service.

Card Beacon broadcasts 2.4GHz radio signals at regular and adjustable intervals. ID Card Beacon can be heard and interpreted by iOS and Android BLE- enabled devices that are equipped with many mobile apps.



NFC/RFID support, can use for payment, extrance access

Bluetooth RLTS solution


Main Features

Bluetooth Low Energy

Ultra-low power consumption chipset

Support 5url broadcasting

Firmware update Over The Air (OTA)

Logo and color customizable

Provided with your own configuration

100% Configurable Parameters via app (Android & iOS)

Material for shell ABS
Color Black, white
Size 86mm*56mm*4.6mm
Weight 20g (with battery)
Accessory NA
Battery Li-polymer battery (non-replaceable)
Battery life 42 Months (Base on Broadcast Interval 1s
and TX power 0dBm)
Waterproof level IP67
Main Features
Support Protocol ◆Apple iBeacon
◆Eddystone URL
◆Eddystone UID
◆Eddystone TLM
Button 1 Button
Sensor Accelerometer optional
NFC optional
Rechargeable No
Programmable parameters ◆Tx Power/Advtisement period/Lock password;
◆iBeacon UUID/Major/Mior;
◆Compatible with Eddystone,URL,UID(NamespaceID, SerialID
Buzzer N/A
Others ◆Support Non connection advertisment Mode
◆Support Configruation advertisment Mode
◆Support Factory reset
Physical features
Chipset nRF52 series
Tx Power -40~4dBm
Wireless Frequency Band 2.4GHz
Transmitting range  ◆BLE5.0: 100 meters in the open space.
The range depends on physical environment.
Powered by Li-ion battery
Display way Beacon Gateway or via Phone App
Beacon Factory Default Setting
iBeacon ◆UUID: 0x7777772E-6B6B-6D63-6E2E-636F6D000001
◆MinorID: 0x0001
Tx Power 0dBm
Broadcast interval 1000ms
Eddystone UID ◆Namespace ID: 6B6B6D636E2E636FD01
◆InstanceID ID:0x000000000001
Eddystone URL URL: www.kkmcn.com
Eddystone TLM ◆Battery voltage;
◆Advertisements count/Time since power-up
Default Lock Code 16Byte Lock Code:
Working environment
Working temperature -40℃~+70℃
Storage  temperature 10℃~+25℃,≤65%RH