Wayfinding and eDirectory

Wayfinding and eDirectory is an Interactive digital signage solution whose content displays a floor plan, directions, and navigation in a building.

Wayfinding and eDirectory

Centralized Management System

Manage area information, Area pointing, data, and report in centralized content management software

Indoor Navigation

With this wayfinding, visitors can easily find their destination in the building

Area Information & Detail

Show more detailed information about the area and the point to go

Support Multi-Floor

we developed a wayfinding application that can display navigation for buildings that have many floors

Point to Point Navigation

navigation will display the direction from point of origin to point of destination

Dynamic Positioning

With wayfinding software, we can customize the position of each area

Hardware Used

Signage Player                                                                                             

Software Used

Wayfinding Application                                                                                             

Content Management System